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Đóng góp: This morning bright sudden I cry

Then wipe out hope it will soon dry

I know it's wrong since time we met

Cause you've had ur lover

Goodbye im fine please never mind

Dont blue cause all the things we had

I know i will still care a lot

Although im just no one.

How hurt to know we never be together

Like Earth how hurt to live without the Sun in her future

Just see you leave away in rain... My soul so pain

Realize we wont met again

Its not goodluck for everyone to find love

Why we found each other than waste all fate we had in vain

Who know why we now have to break?

And how to know when... the time

Find out never can forget.

2. You can lie me in your own words

But how to hide deep in your eyes?

Not wrong or right in love we know

Just want feelings in heart.


Si nce then we dell all our dreams in hand

No more call nor text, have to break then... .
[Mở rộng]

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